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Education and the Maritime Museum

Each school year the Maritime Museum organizes an educational tour for students in Group 6 of the Basic Education. During the excursion the children get a tour in the museum itself.

The museum has been organizing these trips since the school year 2000/2001 and with approximately 1,750 students per year, a total of more than 34,000 students have experienced the tour. Last year the museum has received students from 40+ elementary schools which in preparation studied the book "Our ports, then and now". By reading the book, which is made by Fundashon Material pa Skol, the students learn what can be seen during the harbor and museum tour.

If you would like to sponsor a local school for this project for only NAf. 350.- for one class and NAf. 1,000.- for three classes, or any other amount, please call us or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:30 AM till 3:30 PM.

We are also open on the other day's when a cruise ship is in port.
from 10:30 AM till 3:30 PM

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